About the Business

Hansen Furniture is a one-man furniture shop operating out of Sanatoga, PA producing unique styles of furniture made with absolute precision and great attention to detail.

Meet The Craftsmen

This work is nothing short of absolute passion for me. I was trained at the age of 16 building custom homes and custom finish carpentry. I would do this professionally for 10 years and taking classes when i could for fine woodworking in between. My interest increased even further into furniture making once i was working in a cabinet shop for a time, really getting acclimated with even more machinery and production elements and also handwork and being taught by working alongside incredibly talented craftsmen. I found myself mesmerized by the attention to detail and craftsmanship and thought it requires to make something truly beautiful from wood. Ive also attended classes at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking learning from reknowned craftsmen such as Steve Latta, Mike Pekovich and Bob Van Dyke. I consider it a great fortune to have learned from these craftsmen as it brought my knowledge for the craft to completely new heights.

Through all of this in 2017 I was able to establish my very own business as a furniture maker and have been building one-of-a-kind pieces for clients, designers, and interior decorators alike. I also build speculative pieces for galleries. My style ranges from Shaker and Arts and Crafts to my absolute favorites Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco. Sometimes even blending a couple of styles and putting my own twists to create something truly unique.

My goal is to collaborate with clients using the highest quality woods from around the world and with techniques Ive cultivated over many years to create a beautifully built piece of furniture to ever so slightly blur the line between art and functionality.

The Design Process

Nearly all my commissions start with a particular need for a piece of furniture. I will typically meet at the clients home and get a feel for the overall space and dimensions and get a good scope for the project. Once we've agreed on a price, I will create a rendering of the project and we can go back-n-forth working out details, choose materials, making changes and fine tuning. Once its all to your liking I will ask for a deposit to start your project and create your custom piece of furniture to last generation after generation.


  • My Wife Moya for all of your continued and undying support of my dreams of becoming a furniture maker
  • My wonderful Daughter Carolyn for giving me the drive to keep pushing
  • To Paul Carlson for giving me a chance to learn under him as a cabinet maker
  • To my Father Leo Hansen Sr. and Richard Finateri for teaching me the strongest of work ethics over many years and to always push for excellence
  • My Mother Martha Hansen for fostering my artistic sense over all these years