Custom Handmade Tables

Choose Hansen Furniture to build custom handmade tables in Sanatoga or Pottsgrove, PA

Bringing Experience and Versatility to the Table

You like your living room, but you'd like it more if you replaced your old coffee table. New accent tables would look nice, too. You can get custom handmade tables from Hansen Furniture in Sanatoga and Pottsgrove, PA.

I create and sell all kinds of custom-built tables, including:

  • End tables, to accent any room
  • Dining tables, to bring the family together
  • Desks, to provide a great spot to work or study
  • Console tables, to hold your TV and speakers
  • Sofa tables, to bring style to your living room
  • Hallway tables, to provide entryway storage

I can come up with something that's exactly your style, whether you lean towards modern, midcentury or traditional. Contact me, an experienced furniture maker, today to plan your custom-built tables.

Why turn to Hansen Furniture?

When you work with me, you won't be dealing with another big store that only offers a few personalization options. I work alone, we are a locally owned and operated company with truly custom handmade tables and other furniture. Go to the Gallery page right away to see my unique work for yourself.